Bringing care closer.

Traditional health care keeps your doctors distant—hard to reach and harder to spend time with. We bring the best doctors to you: at home, in-clinic, in your community, and on your mobile device.

I want to know:
Galileo manages over 90%
of medical issues without the need for a referral.

The Problem

An outdated practice model.

Poor access, long waits, mixed quality, and unaffordable costs. In a world of growing clinical and administrative complexity, the old doctor’s office model just doesn’t work anymore.

Our Answer

Modernized for today, and the future.

Based on decades of innovation experience in healthcare and technology, we designed a new model of care that improves the quality of clinical decision-making while reducing total cost of care.

Our model serves uninsured, self-insured, and commercially insured populations in both rural and urban regions.

Our Expertise

One place for all your care.

Our dedicated team of doctors and nurse practitioners is on call 24/7 to deliver full-spectrum medical care, from urgent to chronic, across a wide range of primary and specialist areas including reproductive health, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, and behavioral health.

  • Behavioral Health

  • Cardiology

  • Dermatology

  • Neurology

  • Endocrinology

  • Diabetes Management

  • Infectious Disease

  • Sexual & Reproductive Health

  • Integrative Medicine

  • Chronic Condition Management

  • Sleep Medicine

  • Sports Medicine

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Our Impact

Objectively better results.

Galileo’s value-based model of care addresses medical issues proactively across both digital and home-based settings. This results in higher quality care, lower downstream utilization, and improved patient satisfaction and engagement.

We’ve shown an 11.5% reduction in total cost of care within six months of working with employers.

How we work

We partner to solve real-life problems.

In addition to offering individual memberships, we work with businesses and health plans to tailor comprehensive care solutions that meet the unique needs of the people they serve. A few ways we are bringing care closer.

  1. Galileo How We Work

    On the go

    Reach the last mile by sending mobile clinics into the community.

  2. nh-2

    In the home

    Manage complex and chronic care needs by deploying specialized in-home care teams.

  3. Galileo How We Work

    Through mobile devices

    Provide instant access to our team of expert primary care and multispecialty clinicians.

  4. Galileo How We Work In Our Clinics

    In our clinics

    Deliver the highest quality in-person care through one of our Galileo clinics.

Technology behind a better experience.

Our state-of-the-art digital infrastructure allows us to connect and coordinate a distributed team of clinicians with previously siloed health information. The result? A seamless patient experience with faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Don’t get stranded without care. Our simple-to-use platform empowers you to connect with Galileo clinicians and support staff on demand, 24/7.

Everyone wants their doctors to have the latest tools. Ours have several, including a best-in-class diagnostic and therapeutic engine that makes sure we deliver consistent care to all.

Your care is only as good as the medical history your doctors have about you. We streamline data from medical records and experts to make sure decisions are made on the best available information.

We maintain a strong stance on security and confidentiality, including working with leading organizations on certification.

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